Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG


More than just a 'clicker'


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Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG is a role-playing game, although it may seem very similar to other clickers at the beginning, it actually offers a much deeper gaming experience. First of all, you won't only be tapping on your screen, but you'll also slide your finger, press and hold to choose different skills and special cards at given times.

During the first Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG compasses you can just quickly touch the screen to finish off all the enemies that pop up. However, as you unblock new content things will change. One of the most basic concepts of the game is its use of signs, which you activate by sliding your finger throughout the screen, and by which you can change your battle strategy.

As you defeat your adversaries, you earn fairy dust and other prizes. Your victories also allow you to open portals to new regions of the Afterlife world, in which you'll find more powerful enemies who are capable of finishing you off completely if you're not careful. Luckily, you can improve your skills.

The Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG is a deeper and more complex 'clicker RPG' than other similar games. It also has an awesome visuals. Overall, most players will like it, but others will just go for the simpler games.

Android 2.3 or greater is required